Because many veterans face the fear of not only going to combat but also the fear of coming home. For many it’s the loss of the brotherhood, camaraderie and sense of belonging. The feeling of not being part of a unit and not being able to adapt to life after the military is difficult, demanding and dangerous. Often these issues lead to depression, isolation, anxiety, anger and possibly suicide. It’s reported that 8000 veterans commit suicide every year across the country. This number does not sit well with FrontSight.


Mission 22 has comprehensive programs to treat veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. They have also partnered with other organizations that offer amazing services to veterans as well as doctors and treatment facilities across the country.  The VA is a great resource, but they are understaffed and underfunded. With your help we can get our veterans the help they need now, without the wait.


This is a great online Bible study site. There are several Bible translations and other tools here for you to use for free.


This is another great Bible study site. This site has various resources for studying, as well as devotional materials.


Bible Study software for FREE This website contains free Bible Study software that is worth the download time. Don't let the "free" make you think it is not a good program. You will enjoy this one.


Bible Study tools for Hand Held Devices If you are looking for some software for your hand held device that can provide some Bible tools this is the place. There are FREE packages and some that will cost you a little if you want some tools that have licenses on them.


If you are looking for some information and answers about the LDS church and community, this is the place to start looking.


Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson have created a tremendous ministry which informs and encourages those who want to know the truth about the Mormon faith. Their resources and materials are always well researched and sourced, so anyone wanting to investigate the truth about the LDS church can discover it for themselves.


Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationship


This ministry begun by Chuck Colson has an international reach in its efforts. Their ministry is great for perspectives on world issues and relevant issues concerning Christians in the 21st century.


This is a direct link to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, our home church and the original church fellowship pastored by Chuck Smith.


This is a great ministry that is getting some great things done in the world. Child support for third world countries that provides education, safety, and food for children who would otherwise have nothing. They also labor in countries doing HIV/AIDS work and establishing wells for safe drinking water. Adopt a child today.


This is a web site for the ministry started by Dr. James Dobson. It has great materials and information available for those looking for information on raising a family and/or marriage issues.



A solid internet filtering tool (portal system) that can protect your family from internet pornography and other types of dangerous online materials. (Reasonably priced tool.)


This ministry directed by Franklin Graham has world impact and still maintains US concerns. They are also directors of Operation Christmas Child outreach efforts. We like these guys too.


This is an important site for all believers to check out. This ministry monitors and maintains reports coming in from all over the world to inform American and European believers of modern persecution.


Firefighters For Christ media library is a ministry solely dependent upon the grace of our Lord for support and direction. Its purpose is to distribute God's word in the form of personal testimonies and Bible teaching media.